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Currently, there are 7 types of accolades. Some of the accolades a short term measurement of the statistics measured in the Top Users charts.


This stripe measures the total amount of Diamonds bought by a player.

The 6 levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Black Diamond.

Amount of purchased Diamonds needed to achieve each level

stripe Diamonds purchased
bronze30 - 1,000
silver1,001 - 5,000
gold5,001 - 10,000
platinum10,001 - 25,000
diamond25,001 - 50,000
black diamond50,001 plus


These Accolades are based on a rank based system that is re-calculated once a week on Sunday evening and/or Monday mornings. Actual time may vary.

Those are different for each city, being dependent on player's activity in each city.

The actual rank number (i.e. #1,548) is displayed over a background.

The background of each accolade corresponds to the rank number (i.e. HIGHLIGHT for top 100, Medium-Highlight for top 1000, just number on grey for rest)

Each of the 7 Accolades backgrounds is in a different, unique color.

Accolade #1 (Brown) – The amount of commodities imported from the other city

Accolade #2 (Red) – The Boss - is based on the number of fights WON

Accolade #3 (Green) – Cash from Cartel Wars area – the amount of hood or block payout cash one has made

Accolade #4 (Blue) – Cash moved in Market – the total amount of cash that one has bought/sold through the marketplace

Accolade #5 (Pink) – The total number of attacks done against any hood or block

Accolade #6 (Purple) – The total value of the defense killed in any prop attack

Accolade #7 (Yellow) – The total time of props owned

NOTE: The Fight accolade (Red stripe) is NOT calculated for players during their first two accolade periods.

Other Stripes

The Immune stripe will be colored red when a player has purchased the 24 hour Immunity Bonus.

The In Jail Stripe will be colored black when a player is busted and in jail.

The New stripe will be colored red when a player is in their first 7 days of play. New Players cannot be attacked during this time.

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