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Existing Account Transfer

Please note that a player may only transfer an account that he owns to a device that he owns for the original owners use. Selling or giving an account to another person is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban for that account and possibly for other accounts associated to those users.

Players can transfer accounts from an older device to a newer one by using the Authentication mechanism built into the game. This is done in the (Cartel Wars: Home >> Tools >> Authentication | The Cartel: Home >> Services >> Settings) view. You must set Authentication to the ON position. Then you must enter an e-mail address (please avoid / addresses), and a password.

You must then click the SAVE button.

This process will make sure your account is locked to your e-mail address, and will allow transfers with your credentials.

To transfer the account to a new device, you must install Cartel Wars onto your new device. Then you must launch the application. You must then select "Transfer Account" in the first alert message. You will be then prompted for your E-Mail and Password information. Upon correct entry of this info, your account will be permanently transferred to your new device.

Lost Accounts

If for some reason you did not set Authentication to ON on your account, and you have lost use of your device. Support Staff will re-store your account for the fee of 100RC. You must have the fee available in your old or new account. Transfers will not be made unless the fee is available to be debited. (If your previous account is RC Level - Silver or higher, this fee is waved) To perform this, you must send an email to cartelsupport @at referencing your previous account. You must be able to answer certain security questions about your previous account.

Please send us all the following information and mark it appropriately. Without this information we may not be able to process your request. Send to cartelsupport @at

  • 1. The exact name of the account that you want transferred.
  • 2. The RC level of the account you want transferred (if bronze or free you must purchase 100RC and send that 100 to the Game Master before or after the transfer).
  • 3. The exact name of the new account started on the NEW device that you want to host your MAIN account (You have to start a new account first otherwise the transfer is not possible).

Revive Old Account of Cartel Reloaded

If you deactivated a previous account of and would like to revive it please follow the applicable information steps above and send everything needed to

We can only revive accounts that are Bronze level or higher. The cost to revive an old account is 500 purchased RC sent straight away to the Game Master after the account has been reestablished. Reviving an account can take considerable time thus the charge. You can expect to wait 1-3 business days before the account is ready. You will receive a reply e-mail when the account has been reinstated.

Swapping Accounts on Devices You Own

First, this service is not available to free accounts. Secondly, we need confirmation from both account e-mail addresses that you own them and want them to be swapped. For your accounts protection we may check IP addresses to further confirm the identity. Please send confirmation and all the information we need (1-3 under Lost Accounts, above) to

There is a purchased (not earned or gifted) 100RC charge for each account for this swapping to occur. This fee is waived for accounts that are silver and higher. Both accounts must be Bronze or higher for the swap to occur.

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