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Cartel Wars is an expansion to original The Cartel. It was released on 28 May 2010. Cartel Wars introduced brand new game play concepts to The Cartel as well as several tweaks to elements of the original game.

Cartel Wars Properties

Players now fight to control each city, over four Islands. The city is divided into Hoods and their component Blocks. Properties are fought over using gangs of hoodlums. There are several different types of hoodlums, each with different roles including spies, attackers and defenders.

Cartel and Crew Banks

Cartel and Crew Banks were introduced in the Cartel Wars expansion, enabling players to share their resources.

Changes to Stat improvement costs

The RC cost of increasing inventory slots and stamina were changed in Cartel Wars. The cost to increase now escalates in order to make improvements easier for new players.

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