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There are various forms of communication throughout the game, some of which are public (for the entire game to see) and some of which are private (one on one).

Live Chat

In a December 2009 update to the game, Live Chat was introduced. The icon can be found in the upper left corner of the Home screen, and will bring you to a chat-room-like area of the game. This type of chat is a free-for-all, but can often resort in quick trades and sales for everything from items to commodities to Diamonds. Once in the Live Chat area, you can pull up a "Players On Chat" option (top right-hand corner) so that you can continue to conduct your business via Private Message.

Private Messages

All players can communicate with one another directly via Private Messages. These messages are found under the Chat List option, the bottom-menu item furthest to the right in-game.


Unlike Private Messages, players can communicate openly with one another in the Forum. There are nine distinct sections of the Forum: Announcements, Gameplay, New Players, Buy/Sell & Recruit, Non-English, Off Topic, Report a Bug, Suggest Improvements, and Trash Talk.

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