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Another common way to gain money (and prestige) is to fight with other players/rival crew members. The games fighting system is constantly evolving, but dictates who wins/loses based on mathematics and other variables (taking a players "Att"/"Def" scores into account).



Weapons are used in the game to provide you with both Attack and Defense stats when engaged in an attack (whether you are the attacker or attackee).

While there is no limit on the amount of weapons a player may purchase, you can only use them equal to the amount of free Inventory slots that you have. Like most every other element of the game, players can both purchase or trade Diamonds for additional inventory slots.

There are two types of weapons; Standard (i.e. just "Weapons") and "Jail Weapons" (which are useable solely while you are Busted/in jail).

One On One

"One On One" fights are started by clicking on the black "Attack" button on an opposing players Profile page. A minimu of 2 stamina is required to Attack, though no stamina is used.

One on One fighting comprises of three component scores which are combined to give the total amount of damage caused and received: base damage, situational damage and bonus damage. These three scores together add together to cause a score out of 80.

Base Damage

A player's base damage is determined by the items they have equipped. As well as a stock, or "barehands" score of 20/20 (attack/defense) every weapon and protection item equipped, and one transport item, adds an attack and defense amount to the base damage. Base damage is calculated in the form of the player's attack compared to the opposition's defense. The reverse is concurrently calculated to determine the opposition's score.

The result is a base damage score for each player of 0 to 60.

Situational Damage

Added to the base damage score is situational damage. Situational damage appears to be comprised of 6 factors. What is known about situational damage is that

  1. There is a random element
  2. The comparative amounts of maximum health are a factor
  3. The comparative amounts of maximum heat are a factor
  4. The comparative amounts of maximum stamina are a factor
  5. and 6 are currently unknown.

Situational damage can be scored between 0 and 10

Conditional Damage Guide is a player created guide to Situational Damage.

Bonus Damage

Bonus damage is added to the Base and situational damage. Bonus damage is calculated from particular combinations of weapons. Particular bonuses can give between -3 and +3. For example, wearing one each of all kevlar items gives a +2 bonus. Stacking (or equipping multiples) of most weapons will give a negative bonus.

Bonus damage can be scored between -10 and 10

Bonus Damage Guide is a player created guide to Bonus Damage.

Crew Fights

A more difficult system to explain than "one on one" fighting, one entire crew of players can attack another. If the Capo pulls up the opposing crew profile, they will see a black "Attack Crew" button.

Attack and Defense

Used for both individual players and crews as a whole, Attack and Defense stats are very important. You will often see players who spend CP to add Inventory slots so that they can purchase/trade for items to increase these scores, specifically. Attack and Defense scores are factored in not only when you attack a rival player, but also when a rival player attacks you...if you have a lesser score than your opposition, there's a very good chance that they could take your money or even put you in the hospital!

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