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This is also named 'the Attack' function.

Damage is what the result of the attack/defense calculation is, and it will directly indicate who wins the fight, and how much Health both parties lose.

The maximum damage is 80 points, as it is currently... but it is calculated 100% differently, and performing 80 damage will be EXTREMELY difficult, almost impossible. The likelihood of a tie is improbable.

The maximum damage of 80 points will be comprised of 3 portions: Baseline Damage, Bonus Damage, Conditional Damage

Your Attack and Defense ratings are calculated as ratios of the THEORETICAL best Attack or Defense rating. This is based on a maximum of 150 slots with whatever the best weapon combo is for those slots to either achieve the best Attack OR Defense. For example, if my attack rating is 520, my attack ratio would be something like 520/800 (not exact).

I will provide one example: Player A attacks Player B. Player A's Attack ratio will be compared to Player B's Defense ratio. Based on that, Player A will perform some damage to Player B. The higher your ratio compared to your opponents, the higher damage modifier (ie. if your ratio is 2x your opponent's, the closer to the maximum damage you will do). Then the reverse will occur. Player B's Attack ratio will be compared to Player A's Defense ratio, and Player B will perform a certain amount of damage to Player A.

This is known as the Baseline Damage, and is the largest [by far] of the Damage factors.

The second is the Bonus Damage. This is a damage bonus adder. This is based on different equipping variations. For example, equipping ALL Humvee-Stingers will have a NEGATIVE bonus damage adder. Second example: Equipping body armor that covers your whole body will have a POSITIVE damage adder. THESE types of BONUSES ADD up together to create the Bonus Damage. That means that you get positive&negative credit for MORE than 1 bonus if you get it. There are about a dozen such variations. We will expand these in the future.

The last is Conditional Damage. There is a random factor to this element. There is also some secret factors that you might or might not figure out :) We will give more hints about this in the future. This is the smallest of the Damage factors.

ALL the Damage Factors (Baseline+Bonus+Situation) attack together to FORM the final damage number (no greater than 80).

LASTLY, and very importantly. If you have ZERO dollars on Hand (not in the Bank), you WILL not win any amount of money. The amount of money you can possibly win from your opponent by beating them, is DIRECTLY proportional to how much you risk by having it on hand.

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