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A player's Heat level can be found on their profile and under Services > Police Station.

There are three degrees of Heat: Green, Yellow, Red. Generally when a player reaches the Red level, they are either Busted or will be upon their next action.

Heat will increase with Actions made or when a player makes an Attack.

Heat can be decreased (down to zero) by making cash bribes at the Police Station. Each unit of heat costs $40 to reduce.

Heat can also be regenerated through the use of Diamonds or Commodities. The Diamonds cost of refilling health is 6 Diamonds and will refill to that player's current maximum. The Commodities cost to refill to the player's maximum is as follows- 200 bags of Herb, 100 bags of Dust or 50 bags of Pills.

Maximum Heat can be increased at the cost of 30 Diamonds per unit. There is no limit to the number of times you can increase your maximum Heat in this manner.

To calculate how much Diamonds you have invested in increasing your maximum Heat

When you are Busted, subtract 4000 from the cost of lowering your heat to zero. Multiply the result by 0.75 to calculate the number of Diamonds spent on increasing your maximum Heat.

for example, if you're Busted and you need to spend $6000 to bribe the police to lower your Heat to zero:

6000 - 4000 = 2000 (x) 0.75 = 1500 Diamonds spent on Heat

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