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Hoodlums are used to attack, defend and spy on Hoods and Blocks in Cartel Wars. The prices and stats for each hoodlum type can be found below. The cost to purchase each hoodlum starts at the Base cost, and increases with every hoodlum of that type in the gang. A player can purchase a maximum of 1000 of any particular type in one transaction.

Fighting with Hoodlums

Hoodlums are your army that protects your castle (Resistance rating). If your army wins against attackers your resistance does not decrease. Once your army dwindles due to many attacks you can recruit a larger army to protect your land once again. Your Hoodlums protect ALL of your personal property collectively where as each property has its own specific resistance rating.

Attack results are determined by a comparison of the attacker's "Attack" amount versus the defender's Defense amount. Your amounts can be found under Statistics in the Cartel Wars Menu.

When attacking players will lose units in a ratio for the score provided. That is, six thugs (with both 10 attack and defense) is equal to one mercenary or enforcer (with either 60 attack or defense).


Spies do not help in your attack or defense but they return information on your foes. If you have recruited far more spies than your opponent you will receive accurate information. The closer you are to equal spy amounts the greater the chances to get semi-accurate or zero information.

Icon Hoodlum Attack Defense Spy Base Cost
To be added Thugs 10 10 0 $1,000
To be added Spies 0 0 7 $500
To be added Mercenaries 60 0 0 $4,000/0.1 CP
To be added Enforcers 0 60 0 $4,000/0.1 CP
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