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All players have a base Health score of 100. While like most every other element of the game, players can both purchase or trade Diamonds for additional health slots - it is the one statistic which can go above it's maximum (of 500), in other ways should the cards fall right way in a players favor. This is/would be due to coming out extremely well in an attack (i.e. where damage is retroactive and you actually gain points).

In understanding Health, it is very important that you understand Attack and Defense stats, as they are very important to your overall score. You will often see players who spend Diamonds to add Inventory slots so that they can purchase/trade for items to increase these scores, specifically. Attack and Defense scores are factored in not only when you attack a rival player, but also when a rival player attacks you...if you have a lesser score than your opposition, there's a very good chance that they could take your money or even put you in the hospital!


Hated by many, visited by all at one point or another, the hospital is where players go to recover health should they continuously lose against other players in fights.

A player is "put into" the hospital when their health is 19 or below. They cannot be attacked in the hospital, though they also cannot do much else aside from make deposits/withdrawals at The Bank or alter/edit/sell items and commodities.

Like bail is to the jail system, a player must pay a fee to get their health above 20 to be "checked out" of the hospital and put back into the game without any additional hindrance.

Health is ordinarily regenerated by 1 point every 5 minutes. Health can be regenerated more quickly through the use of Cash, Diamonds or Commodities. The minimum cost of regenerating health is $40 per point of health. The cost per point may be greater as it fluctuates based on different conditions. The Diamonds cost of refilling health is 6 Diamonds and will refill to that player's current maximum. The Commodities cost to refill to the player's maximum is as follows- 200 bags of Herb, 100 bags of Dust or 50 bags of Pills.

Protection Items

While many of the Inventory items that you will encounter in-game are weapons, there are also items such as helmets, kevlar, and grenades which are designed solely to help with your Defense score (in turn, keeping your health up). While having a high Defense score is only "half the battle", it is important to remember that having a character whom is incredibly well-endowed with a Attack stat does not necessarily mean that they will stay out of the hospital long enough in a fight for that to matter.

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