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Hustlers can be hired by a Trader to help move/sell commodities (herbs, pills, dust, shrooms, candy, or ph]).

This player class is currently NPC-only.

How to Hire a Hustler

Go to Home > Economy > Storage

In your storage, pick the drug you wish to have a hustler move. Press the button "Hire Hustlers". As a trader, you will be able to see how much the Street Price of a drug is. That is how much each unit of drug a hustler will bring back at that current time. Note that each hustler also costs $400 to hire. This is not calculated in the street price. It is necessary therefore to add $25 to the price of herb, $50 to the price of dust and $100 to the price of pills to calculate the amount of profit you will earn from each hustler.

Input the amount of hustlers you wish to use. Note that you will need at least 16 herb, 8 dust, or 4 pills to send out for each hustler. (For example, if you have 160 herbs in your storage, you will need 10 hustlers to move all of it.)

Once you have sent out hustlers, you must wait 4 hours for them to return. A popup menu will tell you how much will come back to you at the allotted time period. You can also check to see how many hustlers you have out and when they will return under the "Hustlers Hired" menu in your storage profile.

Hustler Population & Price

The number of hustler that are available and the prices they pay fluctuate based on the number of players, the number of producers, the level of producers and how much is being offered on the market. There are certain other static variables that happened at intervals, modeled after 'the real world', that one would be wise to figure out (as a trader).

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