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Welcome to the Wiki dedicated to the iPhone / iTouch application, Cartel Reloaded.

Cartel Reloaded is a massive multiplayer online game that takes the concept and feel behind modern crime action games and brings it to the platform in an exciting multiplayer game.

You can download Cartel Reloaded from the iTunes App Store.

The Cartel Features entirely different elements from all of the Mafia clones. We concentrated our efforts on making an accurate portrayal of real life underworlds. Our game economy, production and marketplace work just like the real world. Our social system is engaging and logical; we don't believe in popularity driven, invite systems to grow unmanageable, unrelated mobs.



All players in the game have a personal profile. This includes their avatar (user pic), as well as "Name", "Crew", "Cartel", and stats for "Fights", "Actions", "Att"/"Def", "In Jail" (Att/Def), "Profession", "Heat", "Transport", "Storage", and "Inventory". Additionally, there are two black buttons at the bottom of a users profile, "Inventory" and "Storage". A third button "Weapon Configuration " allows players to configure and easily switch between different weapon setups. It is available to bronze level players and up.

Players can look at any other players profile that they'd like to, though will only be able to see their avatar (user pic), "Name", "Crew", "Cartel", and "Fights", "Actions", "Health", and "Heat" statistics. Additionally, there are buttons which provide quick links to "Chat" or "Send Money / Diamonds". Added in an Update, players also have a variety of ribbons in the Player Status section of their world view page. These are the Accolades, Immunity status, Jail status, and New player status.

There are a couple of different Types Of Players. It's your choice on which one you will become.


A new graphical Tutorial was implemented an release starting with 06/24/2014. This new interactive Tutorial can be done by new players in the first month of their presence in Cartel Reloaded, and they can win prizes totaling 325 Diamonds and $1,800,000+ in cash to get them well on their way!


One of the most common ways to acquire money in the game, is to complete Actions. Actions require Stamina, though sometimes have additional pre-requisites such as specific Items or group sizes in order for a player to "Do It" (as the black button reads). Actions can net a player anywhere from $140-$31,000 depending on which they choose to do. You can also do Actions while in Jail, those being different than the other Actions.


Another common way to gain money (and prestige) is to fight with other players/rival crew members. The game's fighting system is constantly evolving, but dictates who wins/loses based on mathematics and other variables (taking a players "Att"/"Def" scores into account).


Weapons are used in the game to provide you with both Attack and Defense stats.

While there is no limit on the amount of weapons a player may purchase, you can only use them equal to the amount of free Inventory slots that you have.

There are two types of weapons; Standard (i.e. just "Weapons") and "Jail Weapons" (which are useable solely while you are Busted/in jail).

One On One

"One On One" fights are started by clicking on the black "Attack" button on an opposing players Profile page.

Attack and Defense

Attack and Defense stats are very important. You will often see players who spend Diamonds to add Inventory slots so that they can purchase/trade for items to increase these scores, specifically. Attack and Defense scores are factored in not only when you attack a rival player, but also when a rival player attacks you...if you have a lesser score than your opposition, there's a very good chance that they could take your money or even put you in the Hospital!

Protection Items

While many of the Inventory items that you will encounter in-game are weapons, there are also items such as helmets, kevlar, and grenades which are designed solely to help with your Defense score. While having a high Defense score is only "half the battle", it is important to remember that having a character whom is incredibly well-endowed with a Attack stat does not necessarily mean that they will stay out of the hospital long enough in a fight for that to matter.


If fighting isn't your style, there's still a lot of money to be made in Production. There, you can purchase and run a Grow house and produce items such as Herbs, Pills, and Dust. While you cannot hire Hustlers like a Trader can, you can both trade and sell your products directly on Marketplace.

Production is controlled from the Production Center, wherein you can Start/Stop Production, as well as Abandon and Upgrade your Grow house


There are two types of "trading" in the game.

One is very simple: You can "trade" items/product to individual players for a set price ("$0" is considered a "gift" but still counts as a trade). Players can accept or deny trades from other players by going into the "Buy/Sell/Trade" section, and then "Trades Pending" - there, they will find both a "Sent Trades" and "Received Trades" tab.

The second type of "trading" (Selling) is a much more complicated aspect of the game. Many players spend hours watching/participating in the "market" daily. The Marketplace is where players can take their products for re-sale to the entirety of The World. While players can only sell herbs, pills, dust there, a player can find it to be an incredibly addictive aspect of gameplay as the market is in constant flux - up and down - much like our own real-life stock market. Some players will sit here looking for "steals" (cheap prices on products which generally can command a much higher price), but can end up losing money if they buy too much up and the value of that particular product crashes.


In order for a player to get their product to the marketplace, they need transportation. There are many types of transport vehicles, ranging from a motorcycle on up to a cargo truck. All transportation have Capacity scores (wherein each vehicle has X "slots", X being relative to 1 unit of product it can carry). Like other items, all of the transport have attack and defense scores. The single best attack/defense scored vehicle is added to your total.


Those were lately introduced and by doing them you have a good chance to grab the last rare weapons present in the game.


One of the more socially-lubricated aspects of the game, crews are groups of people with which a player partners up with for strength/support. Crews have individual names, photos, Members, and descriptions, and generally are lumped in with many other crews with similar goals/playing styles under one Cartel.


Strong, sophisticated, sturdy cartels are the end-all-be-all goal for many players of the game. Compromised of one or many crews, a cartel is a namesake/haven where players with similar goals/playing styles can come together and function as one "unit".


Where players, crews and cartel can store their money. Players may earn or lose interest in their accounts, and crews and cartels receive bonuses into their bank from owned properties in Cartel Wars.

Other Items

Items necessary for you to perform special actions.

Cartel Wars

Introduced new elements to the world of The Cartel as well as many tweaks to the original game.


Players can own Hoods and Blocks which earns players money and Diamonds.


Players use Hoodlums to attack, defend and even spy on hoods and blocks.

Escobar Reputation

The Latest expansion introduces Escobar Reputation which allows you to perform Actions to increase your rep instead of cash. Your reward comes in the form of traditonal cartel weapons and the new Rare weapons.

Account Transfer

Read the instructions presented in this article, if you wish to transfer your character information from one device to another.


There are various forms of communication throughout the game, some of which are public (for the entire game to see) and some of which are private (one on one).

Live Chat

Live Chat icon can be found in the upper left corner of the Home screen, and will bring you to a chat-room-like area of the game. This type of chat is a free-for-all, but can often resort in quick trades and sales for everything from items to commodities. Advertising the buying or selling of Diamonds is strictly forbidden. Once in the Live Chat area, you can pull up a "Players On Chat" option (top right-hand corner) so that you can continue to conduct your business via Private Message.

Private Messages

All players can communicate with one another directly via Private Messages. These messages are found under the Conversations option, the bottom-menu item furthest to the right in-game.


Unlike Private Messages, players can communicate openly with one another in the Forum. There are twelve distinct sections of the Forum: Ten are for the general use of all players. These are Announcements, Gameplay, New Players, Buy/Sell/Trade, Recruiting, Off Topic, Report Issues, Suggest Improvements, Trash Talk and Lottos. Two are for specific groups of people, these are Player Moderators and Capos. Advertising the buying or selling of Diamonds in the forums is strictly forbidden.


Diamonds are purchasable/earn-able units that allow special upgrades and re-charges. Diamonds can be bought and spent in the Services menu, and come in a variety of "packs" (cost/denomination/amount).

Diamonds can also be earned by performing specific achievements located in the "My Profile" section under Achievements.

Sandbox Error

Sandbox Environment Error often happens on jail-broken devices with "AppSync" installed. Uninstall Cartel Reloaded and AppSync. Reboot your device and reinstall Cartel Reloaded. Choose existing account. Click on the link for more detail.

Game Insight

You can find various helping stuff in this special area, all the stuff were taken out from the official Forum of the game.

Playing Guides

Various guides to play have been created by individual players or groups. You can find guides to fighting, playing the market, and guides for new players.

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