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There are two types of "trading" in the game, one of which exists solely in a place called The Marketplace.

Many players spend hours watching/participating in the "market" daily. The Marketplace is where players can take their products for re-sale to the entirety of The World. While players can only sell herbs, pills, dust, shrooms, candy, or ph there, a player can find it to be an incredibly addictive aspect of gameplay as the market is in constant flux - up and down - much like our own real-life stock market. Some players will sit here looking for "steals" (cheap prices on products which generally can command a much higher price), but can end up losing money if they buy too much up and the value of that particular product crashes.

You can access the marketplace through your home screen > Economy > Marketplace.

In order to use the marketplace, you must first have transportation. Each player starts with 100 transportation, and can be increased by purchasing vehicles. Each unit of product you are selling on the marketplace requires one transport. So if you have only 100 transport, you can sell 100 units of your commodity on the marketplace. Once the commodity is sold, your transport returns and you are able to use it again.

To place products onto the marketplace, go to Home > Economy > Storage. Tap on the drug you wish to place, then press "Sell". Enter the quantity you would like to sell and enter the value for what each unit will be sold for. If you place 100 units of herb at $130 per bag, you will receive a total of $13,000 when someone purchases your batch.

Market trades will expire if not purchased or cancelled withing 48 hours. You can cancel a trade if you no longer wish to sell the commodities or if you wish to place at a different price. You must have enough space in your storage to accept the entire amount. If the trade expires after 48 hours, the commodities will go back to your storage. If you do not have enough room in your storage, you will lose the entire amount.

Nothing below 25 units or over 1,000 units of any commodity can be placed into the marketplace in one batch.

The minimum price per unit is $1. There is a maximum sale price that fluctuates and is based on a multiple of the current Street Price.

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