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File:Bogdans Profile.jpg
Bogdan's Profile
All players in the game have a personal profile. This includes their avatar (user picture), as well as "Name", "Crew", "Cartel", and stats for "Fights", "Actions", "Att"/"Def", "In Jail" (Att/Def), "Profession", "Heat", "Transport", "Storage", and "Inventory". Additionally, there are two black buttons at the bottom of a users profile, "Inventory" and "Storage".

Players can look at any other players profile that they'd like to, though will only be able to see their avatar (user pic), "Name", "Crew", "Cartel", and "Fights", "Actions", "Health", and "Heat" statistics. Additionally, there are buttons which provide quick links to "Chat" or "Send Money / CP".

Reputation, Account created date, CPs needed for next level and player status bar have also been added with the new expansion.

The player status bar displays achievements and status in "stripes" for CP level, rank of fights won, rank of weekly CW property earnings, amount of money moved through the marketplace, attack immunity, Jailed stripe and new player stripe.

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