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Every player in the game has a personal Stamina score (though the base rate is 25). These scores relate to how often a player can perform Actions as well as Attack other players. Stamina regenerates at 1 point every 5 minutes.

Like most every other element of the game, players can both purchase or trade Diamonds for additional stamina slots, up to a maximum of 150 stamina slots.

Stamina can be regenerated more quickly through the use of Diamonds or Commodities. The Diamonds cost of refilling stamina is 6 Diamonds and will refill to that player's current maximum. The Commodities cost is as follows- 400 bags of Herb, 280 bags of Dust or 100 bags of Pills.

After three refills in a 24 hour period, the effectiveness of commodities is cut in half and will only refill half the stamina for the same amount of commodity.

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