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There are two types of "trading" in the game.

One is very simple: You can "trade" items/product to individual players for a set price ("$0" is considered a "gift" but still counts as a trade). Players can accept or deny trades from other players by going into the "Buy/Sell/Trade" section, and then "Trades Pending" - there, they will find both a "Sent Trades" and "Received Trades" tab.

The second type of "trading" (Selling) is a much more complicated aspect of the game. Many players spend hours watching/participating in the "market" daily. The Marketplace is where players can take their products for re-sale to the entirety of The World. While players can only sell herbs, pills, dust, shrooms, candy, or ph there, a player can find it to be an incredibly addictive aspect of gameplay as the market is in constant flux - up and down - much like our own real-life stock market. Some players will sit here looking for "steals" (cheap prices on products which generally can command a much higher price), but can end up losing money if they buy too much up and the value of that particular product crashes.

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