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In the game, there are numerous play styles. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Try to talk to other players in your crew to find out which one will help you and your crew. None of these styles are exclusive and most players will combine elements of each of these styles. These are also separate to a player's profession. Here is a brief description of the types of players including pros and cons.


Fighters are the people who concentrate on fights as one of their main activities. They concentrate on endlessly refining their weapon set ups.

Pros: Earn tons of respect among players and crew members, make tons of money off of people who forget to bank, there's a place on the leader boards for people with the most fights and the most wins.

Cons: You will guaranteed have to buy Diamonds from either RB or other players, the only way to win money, is by carrying money so if you lose a fight you might be in for a surprise, you can either wait for your health to replenish naturally (longest way), go to the hospital (quickest way; costs money), or use produce (most effective/supportive way; costs lots of money). You can also use Diamonds for health regeneration.

Stamina players

Stamina players make money and Diamonds by spamming actions and refilling stamina.

Pros: You can earn Diamonds buy doing 500 actions, if you use Diamonds to max out your stamina you can do tons of missions in sequence to make tons of money.

Cons: The only way to regain stamina is through Diamonds or produce which will cost you lots of money, you will have to spend lots of money on weapons, protection items, and special gadgets in order to complete some actions.

Market Runners

WARNING!!!! THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW PLAYERS!!!! This is definitely the riskiest and least chosen type of gameplay. This involves buying the lowest priced commodity on the Marketplace and then selling it when the price goes up.

Pros: Great for risk lovers, make tons of money if you choose a commodity which is going to increase in price.

Cons: You can lose a LOT of money with this activity if the price drops after purchase, you need tons of money to spend on commodities, and you will need to upgrade your storage.

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