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Cartel Wars 2.9 added Weapons Configurations for bronze status and higher players.

This is where you can modify your weapons configurations for fighting or actions.

To modify a configuration, click “Edit Configuration.” Check to see if any unwanted weapons are selected on the “Weapons,” “Protection Items,” or “Jail Weapons” tabs. If you make any changes you MUST save for each tab before moving to the next tab. If you equip too many items (more than your inventory slots allow) then you will not be able to use the configuration.

To select an item for equipping, you must click the name of the item, and use the slide bar to select how many of each item you’d like to equip. When you are done selecting items on each tab you must hit “Save Configuration.” If you make a mistake, you can select “Reset.” The “Reset” option must be clicked for each tab to completely disable a configuration.

To enable a configuration, click “Use Configuration.” Go back to your profile and make sure all inventory slots are used appropriately, and that the attack and defense numbers of your weapons combo are correct.

All bronze level players have two default configurations tabs. You can add additional configurations (up to ten total) using CP. To upgrade, from the “Home” screen, click “Services” then ”Spend Cartel Points” then click the “Increase Stats” tab. The option is located at the bottom of the page. The cost of upgrading is 20 CP for your first upgrade (to three configurations), and increases by 5 CP for each additional Configuration.

Most maxed players use all ten configurations for various setups for attacking, defense, zero-basing and 60-basing. You can also equip various jail weapons combos, but you must remember that you can lose your weapons if you “bribe” out of jail. If you are not maxed inventory slots, you can use the weapons configurations for specific actions, or to test various weapons combos as you build your profile.

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