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What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are purchasable units that allow special upgrades and re-charges. Diamonds can be bought and spent from the Services menu. They come in a variety of packs. Diamonds can also be earned by performing achievements located in the My Profile section under Achievements.

Are Diamonds Achievements a one-time deal?

No, they will reoccur as your character progresses, repeating at the interval shown. They do not max out.

Whats the time interval that the cash bonus is delivered?

The cash bonus is delivered once per day.

How fast does my Stamina replenish?

Your Stamina replenishes at the rate of 1 point per 5 minutes.

Why did I lose Health? How fast does my Health replenish?

You lose health by fighting other characters directly. Your health replenishes at a rate of 1 point per 5 minutes. You can accelerate that by paying the Hospital (in the Services menu) to heal you.

What is the Transport stat?

To be able to sell things on the marketplace or to hustlers you need to transport the commodities. To transport the commodities you need to have available transport space. Buying Transportation items from The Store will increase your transport space. Your transport space will become free once the transaction with the hustlers or on the marketplace is completed.

Do my vehicles count towards my Attack/Defense?

Only the vehicle with the top ratings will count towards your overall Attack/Defense rating. Vehicles do not equip.

I bought an item from The Store but it does not appear highlighted in Actions.

You need to go to My Profile > Inventory and equip the item to be able to use it.

How can I Buy an item ?

By selecting an item the “Buy” option will be available. The number of items you can buy of the same type is unlimited but you can “Buy” only one item each time.

How can i equip the item i brought ?

You can equip the item right after the purchase, by selecting “Equip it” option from confirmation message popup or you can do that by accessing your inventory (My Profile -> Inventory).

What kind of items I can buy from Store?

Weapons: Items which can be equipped to increase your Attack/Defence. Protection Items: Items which can be equipped to increase your Attack/Defence. This items are specialised in defence attribute Transportation: This items cannot be equipped but they are working in a passive mode. They increase your storage capacity for trading and smuggling. Special Gadgets: This items cannot be equipped. They are used as a requirement for different Actions Jail Weapons: This items can be equipped to increase your Attack/Defence when you are in Jail. When you get out of Jail the items will be lost.

How many items I can equip?

The number of items you can equip depends on the number of Slots available (Check your Profile). Each item has a free slots requirement, so the weapons configuration you chose for you character depends on the strategy you want to adopt in order to attack others or defend your character.

Are there any penalties when equipping more than one of the same item?

Yes there are some penalties but this part is for you to discover.

How can I refresh the Marketplace ?

Each time you access the Marketplace the Refresh option is triggered. If you don’t wanna leave the Marketplace you can Refresh the auctions list by clicking on the “Refresh” button located on the left of “Filter” button.

How can I check my auctions ?

You can check your auctions by choosing Filter -> Select Product -> My Stuff or you can click on the button located on the right of “History” button and then select “My Stuff”.

How can I cancel a trade I initiate ?

You can “Cancel” a trade which was initiate by you, only if the target player hasn’t already “Accept” it. If you don’t see the trade listed in the designated tab, it means the target player has already accept it.

How can I cancel / accept a trade request from another player ?

For this you need to check the trade tab where the trade request is listed. There you will be able to accept it or cancel it.

How do I buy a Grow House ?

If you haven’t bought it already, the “Buy Grow House” option will be available. By selecting this option you will buy your level 1 “Grow House”.

Why should I upgrade my Grow House?

Upgrading the Grow House you will upgrade the number of commodities produce every hour. If you want to be a producer this is the main target for you, to increase your production. In order to sustain a big production be very careful to upgrade your storage, otherwise you will lose all of your production.

How do I start producing my commodities ?

After you bought the “Grow House” the “Start Production” option will be available. By choosing this option you can chose what type of commodity will start to be produced. After the production started you will be able to see how many units of selected commodity will be produced per hour. Production happens over the course of the time listed, and the more advanced your Grow House is, the more commodities you can produce in a shorter amount of time. After they are produced, the commodities will be available for you in your Storage Warehouse, which you can manage from the Profile > Storage menu item.

How can I become a Trader again in a city ?

To become a Trader you need to “Abandon GrowHouse”. This option will be available if you own a “Grow House”. When you chose to “Abandon GrowHouse” you need to keep in mind that you will lose all the money invested in upgrades. If you decide later you want to become a Producer you will start from Level 1 “Grow House”.

What are the Storage attributes?

The attributes define the current state of the Storage. The attributes are:

Free Space: # of commodity units in storage / total number of commodity units that can be stored Current Level: The Storage warehouse size level you are currently at, you can progress to the next level by Upgrading Storage and paying the token fee Upgrade Space: The # of additional storage unit spaces the next level upgrade will add to your warehouse Upgrade Price: How much the next level upgrade will cost

How can I upgrade my Storage?

To upgrade your Storage you need to have on hand the money needed to pay the upgrade fee. If you have the money you just need to select “Upgrade Storage” button and your storage will automatically upgrade.

Why should I upgrade my Storage?

In order to be able to store more commodities you need to improve your Storage space. You can do that by upgrading it.

Where I can see the list of commodities stored?

If you are currently holding commodities in your Storage, you will see an itemized list of these commodities below the Storage details. Each commodity is represent by the icon, the name and the stored quantity.

How can I work with the commodities?

To be able to bring the Use/Sell/Trade actions panel on a particular commodity you need to click on one of the commodity listed.

Can I use the commodities on my character?

Yes, you can use the commodities to refill your Health,Stamina or you can use them to lower your Heat.

How can I sell my commodities on Marketplace?

After you selected from the list the commodity you want to sell, the commodity action panel will pop up. From there you can put your commodity on the market after you select “Sell” option and enter the quantity (cannot be selected a quantity bigger than the one available in Storage) and the value per bag.

How can I trade a commodity?

Trading action can be found in the action panel after you selected the commodity you want to trade from the Storage list. By trading you must understand that you will send a number of commodity bags (not more than available) to a player stationary in the same city as you are. By pushing the “Trade” button, the list with players will pop up. From here you can select the player with whom you want to trade. The last step, after you selected the player, you need to enter the amount of bags to trade and the value you will ask for each bag (total value to be paid is equal with the quantity selected multiplied with the bag value ). If you decide to give them for free just enter “0” on the bag value field.

What is “Hired Hustlers” option?

By clicking on “Hired Hustlers” button you can check (if you are a Trader) the list of active hired hustlers.

From where I can check the history of hiring hustlers?

The history of hiring hustlers is available by clicking on “Hired Hustlers” button and then selecting “History” option. Important to remember is that if you have been a Trader and now you are a Producer, you will be able to check your hiring hustlers history list from the time you have been a Trader.

How can I hire hustlers to sell my commodities on the streets?

In order to do that you need to be a Trader (not having an active Grow House). Click on the commodity you want to put on the streets and from the action panel select “Hire Hustlers” option (the option is not available for Producer) which will bring up a new view. From this pop up you can check how many available hustlers are in the city and the amount of money you need to pay for each hustler you hire. If you have a lot of commodities to put on street and you want to get your money fast then you need to hire more hustlers. Each hustler can sell an amount of the selected commodity every 4h.

Whats the easiest way to make money?

Performing Actions is the most consistent way, but you wont be at the top of the world doing so.

What is the minimum number of players necessary to create a crew? What about a cartel?

The minimum number of players necessary to create a crew is 3, also the minimum number of crews to create a cartel is 3.

Are commodities consumable by my character?

Yes, you can use commodities to increase your health, stamina and reduce your heat. You can use them by clicking the 'Use' button in the My Profile > Storage area.

What are Commodities and what do I do with them?

Commodities work like the narcotics trade in a real world crime syndicate. There are Producers and there are Traders. If you're a Producer, you create commodities at a set interval and put it on the Marketplace at whatever price you want. There is a very high startup cost to being a Producer but also a lot of demand. Traders have the network and ability to sell Commodities to Hustlers, which sell it on the street. Producers profit from creating and selling on the Marketplace. Traders profit from buying from the Marketplace and selling it on the street using Hired Hustlers.

What do the different color highlighting in The World signify?

The different color coding of people's names represent their relationship to you. People highlighted in Green are people that you have added as Friends. People highlighted in Blue are people that are in the same Crew that you participate in. People highlighted in Red are people that you have added as your Enemies.

Whats a Crew? How do I join one?

A Crew is an association of players with the common goal of dominating the game.You can join existing crews by requesting to Join on The World listing for that crew OR you can create your own crew by recruiting at least 2 other players to accept your Crew Request.

What are Capos/Dons and what can they do?

A Capo is the leader of a Crew. A Don is the leader of a Cartel. They can either be the initiator of the crew/cartel, or the person that was voted to be the Capo/Don. A Capo/Don has several responsibilities and privileges, like access to Crew/Cartel Bank. They can set the avatar and description of the crew/cartel. They will lead the Crew/Cartel to conquer properties. Consequently, all the members of the crew/cartel will profit from conquered properties.

What are Properties?

The Cartel Wars area is formed by Hoods and Blocks, which are so called Properties by the players. Each Hood has 6 Blocks. Every player can hold Properties in order to obtain cash and other bonuses. But to hold Properties one needs the help of his crew and cartel.

Whats a Cartel? Who can create one?

A cartel is the association of two or more crews. Only the Capos of the respective crews can interact to form a Cartel. The crews are still independent but are associated through the cartel.

Will you be adding an invite codes system?

Probably not. We don't believe in the type of gameplay where popularity reigns supreme. We tried to duplicate our in-game social experience to real life crime syndicates.

Can I change my name?

Yes, you can go to the Services > Spend Diamonds area to change your nickname.

How can I report a bug?

Please go to the Forum menu, and post a thread in the Report Issues forum. The more descriptive the post is, the better we can help you. Thanks

How can I request features?

Please post your feature request in the Forum menu, under the Suggest Improvements forum. Thanks

How can I create Commodities?

To grow commodities you must Buy A Grow House which is located in the Production Centre menu item.

I left the game and then returned and theres more money in my cash total, why?

There are multiple ways to make/receive money in the game. There is the special bonus, a completed Hired Hustler transaction, a trade, somebody sending you money, somebody purchasing a commodity of yours from the Marketplace.

Does taking an opponent to Zero Health add more Heat?

No, the amount of Heat you gain is the same regardless of how much or little damage you do to another player. You gain Heat per attack, and it is not associated with your Attack/Defence stats, or your opponents.

What percentage of cash do I lose in a fight?

It varies greatly.

How do I get more equipment slots?

More equipment slots can be added to your profile by spending Diamonds to upgrade them. You will find this in Services >> Spend Diamonds.

How does the 1 vs. 1 fight system work?

The more and better weapons you have equipped the higher your Attack and Defence rating are. The system calculates the matchup between your attack vs your opponents defence, and your opponents attack vs your defence. The system then compares this matchup and decides how much damage should be done to each fighter. There is also a random element to every fight based on external factors. In brief the key to win consistently is to equip a lot of high value weapons, get more slots to equip them using Diamonds, upgrade your MAX health using Diamonds, and make sure your health is always 100%.

How do I fight in jail?

You can bribe your way into jail by performing the special 'Bribe Police to go to Jail' action or by fighting people until you get busted. Once in jail, you can purchase the special jail weapons and fight other people that are in jail. Be aware that you will lose your jail weapons once you leave the jail.

Why some assignments are locked?

Those assignments are locked because you need to complete all the tasks of previous assignment.

What Active label means?

If an assignment has an Active label, it means your next assignment task is available for you.

How can I start an assignment task?

Clicking on an assignment with Active label, you will open the task details view. In this view you will find all the information’s needed to finish the task. After you familiarized with the task briefing select “Start” button.

What Running label means?

Means the assignment has a task started and currently running.

How do I track the task progress?

Check the assignment with the Running label, and select it. A task details view will be displayed. Check the “Progress” under the task briefing.

How can I check which tasks I finished?

Click on the top menu for accessing the “Finished assignments”.

Where I can check how much money I have in bank?

If you find out how much money you have in back check the “Balance” information.

How can I deposit money in Bank?

Depositing money in bank is straightforward. You must click on gray square where the maximum amount, which can be deposit, is displayed (left to the “Deposit” button). A view will pop up and all you have to do is to enter the amount and click “Deposit”.

How much is the deposit bank fee?

The default fee is 10% but you can lower it by doing different in game tasks.

How can I withdraw money from bank?

The process is the same as when you deposit the money. You must click on gray square where 0 amount is displayed (left to the “Withdraw” button). A view will pop up and all you have to do is to enter the amount and click “Withdraw”.

How much is the withdraw bank fee?

When you want to withdraw money from bank the bank fee 0.

How can a character regain health?

You can do that by applying a treatment. Each treatment, depending of the complexity, will cost you money. If you are badly injured you will pay more for the treatment. In order to apply the treatment you can either push + or - buttons or you can quickly move the slider until you reach the money on hand or the maximum health gained after treatment (your character maximum health). After making the selection you need to push the “Pay” button.

How can I control my treatment?

You can increase/decrease the level of treatment based upon how much cash you have on hand.

Why is heat important?

If your Heat level gets too high, you will not be able to perform any actions.

How can I lower my heat?

You can lower your heat by bribing the police. Depending on your heat level the bribe can be smaller or bigger. To bribe select how much heat you want to lose and click “Bribe” button… and the heat dropped.

Why is the “Go to Jail” option present?

Jail is another thing than the city life. Here you is another world. Going to Jail for some player is a way to escape from another player and more…

How many tickets can I buy?

You can purchase as many tickets as you want for each lottery, at the prescribed cost of entry.

How the system will decide the winner?

On the listed draw date, the grand prizes will be awarded randomly one of the entrants.

It’s worth it to play on Lottery?

Is like in real life, if you are lucky… you are lucky!

Who are you?

We are a small development company dedicated to creating quality software products. For more info check out our site at http://www.roastedbrains.com and http://webtouch-media.com

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